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Over the past three and a half years Waves of Hope interns have mentored and trained over 13 women from our community in the arts of jewelry making, manicures & pedicures and massage therapy. We are very pleased to report that all of these trainings have succesfully helped to transform the lives of these women, creating incomes and helping to support families.

Our Jewelry Club, named Artesanias Del Mar, now includes 11 women who produce high quality jewelry from local materials, many of which are found locally on our own beautiful beaches. The ladies began selling their jewelry at El Coco Loco Resort but have succesfully expanded into other resorts across Nicaragua and even into some shops in the closest major city, Chinandega.

How You Can Help: The next major step for the ladies is to find a few small shops in the USA or Canada that will sell their jewelry. If you have any ideas or contacts please get in touch at info@waves-of-hope.com.


Our Spa Club operates out of El Coco Loco Resort and La Bahia Beach Hotel offering spa services to guests for a very reasonable rate. These ladies are very busy these days and have recently had to purchase a second massage table to accomodate a growing demand.

How You Can Help: Visit one of the resorts mentioned above and ask for the Spa Club!

Have any other suggestions or great ideas that will help create incomes for our neighbors? Please get in touch or come down and share your skill-set. Here are just a few ideas we’ve been thinking about:

  • A local bakery
  • Woodworking
  • Surfboard Shaping
  • Organic Gardening (in the tropics)