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We often speak about Building the Culture of Education at Waves of Hope, but we also realize that we need to provide students and teachers with the proper facilities and resources in order to be able to provide a proper education.

Our school rehab program began with our local elementary in El Manzano #1. When we first arrived we found a school that had been built by a very large US NGO, but we use the term built loosely. The school had no doors, no windows, no power and no water — and forget about resources. Over the past three years we have provided all of this and more — adding on a second classroom last year for grades 4-6. Attendance has risen from 27 to 77 students during this time and our students are thriving!

In December 2012 we took on our second school rehab project with the help of the amazing New Gens Rotary Group from Temecula, CA and lots of local community members. With a limited budget of only $3500 we were able to transform a broken down elementary school into something new again. This transformation included a very deep cleaning, a new paint job including anti-corrosive paint on the tin roof, a new well that provides drinking water, the installation of water filters in each classroom, the repair of 60 desks and more. This rehab also included new teachers’ desks, a renovation of the teacher’s lounge and composting toilets. The 110 students attending this school daily are thrilled with the upgrades. It really is amazing what such a small amount of money can accomplish when such a determined group put their hearts and souls into a project! A huge and special thanks to the New Gens crew!


Unfortunately, it is too early to really celebrate.  Our dream includes the rehab and rehabilitation of four more local elementary schools that are badly in need of support.

Waves of Hope also provides resources such as books, texts, papers, pens and other materials to four local elementary schools and one neighbouring pre-school.

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