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Our scholarship program was founded in 2011 by former Waves of Hope intern Jane Leer. The goal is to help create skill sets that will increase employment opportunities for our local community youth and young adults.

Current number of scholarship students

Average cost per student per month

Number of hours each student is required to ‘give back’ each month to our community

The scholarship covers registration fees, materials and monthly tuition costs. Most of our students study once-a-week in private academic institutes. These are intensive programs held for 6 hours each Sunday. Courses include English, mathematics, agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals and computer administration.

Each month our students visit us at El Coco Loco to discuss their progress and any challenges they are facing. English students are also required to attend our free community EFL classes and are also encouraged to come to El Coco Loco and practice their English with us and our guests. Recipients are also required to help out with our other various programs and initiatives including our Literacy and Tutoring programs.

How You Can Help: