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Our current projects and initiatives

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    School Rehabilitation & Maintenance Program
    Raised: $3,097.00
    Goal: $25,000.00
    What makes us unique is that we’re here full time and are constantly checking in and maintaining all of our projects.
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    Jean Piaget School – 2022 Expansion Project
    Raised: $33,180.00
    Goal: $25,000.00
    Jean Piaget Education Center is a small school located in Granada, Nicaragua. This project was founded by Karla Miranda in support of her local community in February 2020. In year 1 the school offer kindergarten and grade 1 and opened the doors to 20 students. The school has grown now upwards of sixty students and currently offers a pre-school, kindergarten plus grade 1 and grade 2 programs and caters towards children with learning challenges and special skill sets. The school’s philosophy is a commitment to providing a well-rounded education for its students. At the core of all the work that they do is the teaching of respect, ethical values, empathy and inclusiveness. The school has been so well received that there is a growing line of families hoping to send their children to this unique school.
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    COVID 19 Support – Jiquilillo
    Raised: $2,270.00
    Goal: $15,000.00