Home & Gardens

Waves of Hope believes that proper shelter is a neccesity in life that is deserved by all. In 2011, Waves of Hope built its first home for a community member – a single mother with 7 children and one grand-daughter.  This family was chosen by the community as being the most in need. Over the past few years we have been very fortunate and have received financial support that allowed us to replace three other broken down homes in our community. Unfortunately we are just starting to scratch the surface.

Our dream is to be able to either replace or help repair/renovate the remaining homes in our community and then to expand this project out to our neighbouring communities. Families should not have to live in shelters built from black plastic, cardboard, scrap wood and rusty tin panels.

Waves of Hope has also been experimenting with community gardening projects for the past three rainy seasons. The second part of our dream would be to provide each of the 36 families in our community with a proper permaculture set-up including irrigation and drainage. This program requires permaculture expertise, specifically within tropical climates similar to Nicaragua (two seasons – wet & dry). This vision would allow families to grow their own fruits and vegetables, providing much needed food and a much wider range of nutrients for families and especially the young children in our community. It is not fair for children to go to school or to bed hungry.

Estimated Funds Required: $100,000

How You Can Help:

  • Donate Funds
  • Fundraising
  • Write a Funding Grant
  • Provide Knowledge & Expertise
  • Connect us with the right people, foundation or non-profit