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Many families within our community and our neighbouring communities do not have access to clean water. Each family home typically has a hand dug well. Some of these provide a decent quantity of water but the majority of them run dry with a month or two left in the dry season. When the rain comes in May the wells are replenished.  However, this often causes a secondary and, in many cases, much larger issue: the contamination of the wells with both human and livestock waste. This leads to a variety of serious stomach and health ailments often causing severe weight-loss and in some of the worst cases even death.


In 2015 we are going to drill a 300 foot (+) deep water well that will tap into the Leon-Chinandega aquifer that rests well below us. We will then need to install a large water tank for the community and run high pressure water pipes either to each home within the community or to various ‘water stations’. This water project would not only provide the community with clean drinking water but would also provide ample water during the dry season for irrigation allowing for an extended farming season.

Estimated Funds Required: $30,000

How You Can Help:

  • Donate Funds
  • Fundraising
  • Write a Funding Grant
  • Provide Knowledge & Expertise
  • Connect us with the right people, foundation or non-profit