Community Arts and English Programs

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Raised: $109.00
Goal: $15,000.00

Since 2016, Waves of Hope has been sponsoring a three-part arts program that has been running classes twice a week for music, visual arts and dance.

Introducing an arts program into the school system in our surrounding area has been a dream of Waves of Hope since we first broke ground at the high school in 2013. All forms of art are deeply ingrained in the Nicaraguan culture from dance to music to various methods of visual arts. Unfortunately with an underfunded education program comes little to no school programs focused on the arts.

In November, 2016, Waves of Hope began a partnership with Canadian based non-profit Artbound, to help finance and implement arts programs here at the Waves of Hope high school. With Artbound’s support we have introduced a three-part arts program that has been running classes twice a week for music, visual arts and dance based out of the local high school classroom facilities. We sourced teachers specializing in these three arts from local communities and from the nearest city, Chinandega. These programs have been a great success since their inception in late 2016, and are continuing to nurture the many creative minds in the surrounding communities.

We strongly feel that the successful implementation of a long-term sustainable arts program will no doubt have profound impact on future generations. After witnessing the positive changes that the introduction of surfing had on the youth culture here, it became clear to us that encouraging and facilitating extracurricular activities in poor rural areas can create something important for the youth on which to focus their energy and creativity. This can have a significant positive impact on the individual development and the lasting social dynamics of a community as a whole.

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