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Coco Loco beach, like many others in northern Nicaragua is a turtle hatching area for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. They begin arriving in late May and continue coming until early November. Most nights you will find at least one turtle making its trek up the beach to lay its eggs.

Number of baby turtles successfully hatched & released over the past 3years

Number of turtles eggs in each nest

Cost to save 1 dozen turtle eggs

Our ‘hacth & release’ goal for 2013! Donate TODAY!

Since the establishment of El Coco Loco Resort and Waves of Hope we had always planned on doing a turtle project; however, we struggled with how to start this project. Although we didn’t agree with the practice of egg poaching, we also understood that these people used these eggs and the revenue derived from them as a source of living.

Luckily one of the veteran poachers, Jaime Luna, suggested a model that is used commonly in Nicaragua and we agreed to give it a try. The model is quite simple, we pay a stipend to the poachers (turned ‘conservationists’) that is less than but almost equal to the price for which they can sell the eggs in the market. The cost to us is $1.25 USD per dozen turtle eggs. We also pay a bonus equal to 5 cents for each eggs hatched. Jaime has sinced trained the other poachers on proper handling techniques.

In our first year we hatched 2200 baby turtles, two years ago we hatched 3600, three years ago 4200 and and last year we hatched 4900! Our goal for 2014 is 5500!

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