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Francisco Laguna is a small town of about 70 families that is located about 3 kilometres from our community. It is, sadly, amongst the poorest towns in our area. There is very little employment and most families are forced to grind out a very tough life. Despite these challenges, a few years ago they pushed hard and the government decided to provide teachers for an elementary school if the community agreed to build the structure.  They did what they could and now there are over 120 pre-school through grade 6 students attending classes daily. The problem is that the school is little more than some posts, a tin-roof and barely a wall or two — no floors, no power, no walls and very few supplies. They have one blackboard about the size of a small dinner table and only about 60 desks. Half the students sit either on the floor or on benches.

Our dream is to provide these hard-working students and teachers with an actual school.

PROJECT UPDATE: We broke on the new school project in March 2014 and opened the doors in June 2014. We now have over 140 students attending classes daily!


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