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In partnership with Surf for Life (a US based NGO) and the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, Waves of Hope broke ground on the construction of a high school in January 2013. We completed the construction in late January 2014 and opened the school just a few weeks after in February 2014.


Number of students attending classes daily.

Classrooms, plus a library, computer lab & teachers room

Total cost to build, including materials and furniture.

The year we opened the doors and enrolled the first group of students!

The new high school has been up and running for the past 2 years and includes the following:

  • a government accredited 5 year high school education program
  • a computer lab and training center
  • a library and resource centre
  • EFL classes for children, youth & adults
  • a teaching greenhouse
  • a performance stage
  • an after school arts program (beginning in 2016)


How You Can Help:

  • We continue to seek support in funding, resources and materials and we invite you to contact us if you are interested in getting involved at